Help Us Develop 5-suited Games!

Help us develop 5-suited games to be played with Stardeck! Below are 10 games that we would like to develop. Please comment with ideas for game play!

  1. Quintettes
    Focused on 5-of-a-kind
  2. Peacebreaker
    Focused on capturing the Queen
  3. Blockaders
    Focused on capturing the King
  4. Quarterpace
    Focused on twos and fives
  5. Hokums
    Focused on the Jokers
  6. Shufflewing
    Focused on 7’s “in flight”
  7. Kicksorter
    Focused on the cards in sequential order with a kicker card
  8. Jackstays
    Focused on Jacks
  9. Rocklings
    Focused on Aces
  10. Tracepoints
    Focused on Eights