Stardeck Playing Cards are of the standard bridge size (2.25 in. x 3.5 in.) which allows for easier playability due to the relative increase in the amount of cards when compared to a standard deck of 52 cards.

  • Total: 67 cards which are comprised of 65 standard cards (13 stars, 13 spades, 13 hearts, 13 clubs and 13 diamonds) and 2 special cards (red joker and black joker)
  • Size: Standard bridge size (2.25 in. x 3.5 in.)
  • Material: Paper
  • Finish Surface: Slick
  • Back: Red background with Stardeck logo
  • Packaging: Single Seck (1 deck in a single transparent box) or a Double Deck (2 decks in a double transparent box)
  • Printer: Chicago Playing Card Company
  • Production: Made in USA

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The 65 standard cards and 2 special cards are as follows:

Ace of StarsKing of StarsQueen of StarsJack of Stars10 of Stars9 of Stars8 of Stars7 of Stars6 of Stars5 of Stars4 of Stars3 of Stars2 of Stars

Ace of SpadesKing of SpadesQueen of SpadesJack of Spades10 of Spades9 of Spades8 of Spades7 of Spades6 of Spades5 of Spades4 of Spades3 of Spades2 of Spades

Ace of HeartsKing of HeartsQueen of HeartsJack of Hearts10 of Hearts9 of Hearts8 of Hearts7 of Hearts6 of Hearts5 of Hearts4 of Hearts3 of Hearts2 of Hearts

Ace of ClubsKing of ClubsQueen of ClubsJack of Clubs10 of Clubs9 of Clubs8 of Clubs7 of Clubs6 of Clubs5 of Clubs4 of Clubs3 of Clubs2 of Clubs

Ace of DiamondsKing of DiamondsQueen of DiamondsJack of Diamonds10 of Diamonds9 of Diamonds8 of Diamonds7 of Diamonds6 of Diamonds5 of Diamonds4 of Diamonds3 of Diamonds2 of Diamonds

Black JokerRed Joker