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Stardeck 5-Suited Playing Cards in Plastic Tuck Box

Stardeck is a 5-suited deck of playing cards. The Suit of Stars brings 13 new cards to the traditional deck of 52 cards and brings the total to 65 cards.

In poker games, Stardeck allows for 8 players to play in one hand rather than just 7 players. Players can deal longer without having to shuffle. Players can get better hands, such as the Five-of-a-Kind. The fifth suit also allows for interesting Bridge, Spades, Hearts and Solitaire games.

5-of-a-Kind hand next to a stack of cards

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Please vote in our Poker Poll. If you play poker with Stardeck, do you play with the SUPER hands, e.g. SUPER Straight (5 cards in numerical order consisting of 1 card from each suit)?

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Please vote in our Joker Poll. We received some feedback that additional jokers might be helpful. What do you think?