Below are a few testimonials that we received from players:

  • “Stardeck makes a fun alternative to a regular deck, especially in games like rummy. Using Stardeck allows for a greater number of players. Thanks for a great product!”  — T. R.
  • “I have looked everywhere for a deck of cards with five suites. The deck I have is worn out. I’m a teacher, and I play cards with my students at lunch. When there are too many of us for a regular deck, we use the one with five suites. Our favorite game is Oh Hell, which we call the Bidding Game, in our attempt to promote appropriate language for school. That’s the game (when we use the extra cards) that allows us to include the most people in one game. Anyway, I’ll be ordering more decks, thanks to your web site. THANK YOU!”
  • “I have been looking for a 5 suited deck since 1992, when I played poker with a group of friends, one of which had such a deck. I am overjoyed to find one at last. My order is in the mail.”  — D. E.
  • “When the deck is presented some people refuse to play and others demand to start playing immediately. The best responses can be acheived by giving the deck to the dealer without telling anyone about the fifth suit.”
  • “People are either shocked or in awe of this deck when they are first introduced to it.”